Lonwyn is proud of his heritage. He stands erect with luxuriating golden hair and icy blue eyes. His hair is of medium length, but ranging close to long. The only things that give away his elven blood are his eyes. They give off a bluish hue making them seem to be blue. But if one looks deep into those eyes, they will see that there lurks a great pride. Pride for his parents and most of all, his elven roots. His father was a travelling acrobat. when putting on a series of performances in South Sea, he met Lonwyn's mother. During his early years, Lonwyn learned from his beautiful mother the ways of life. Then it happened. His mother was found dead. Stabbed in the heart. His father was presumably kidnapped and killed later. No trace has been seen of him since. This traumatic experience sent Lonwyn begging in the streets. He stumbled across a theives' guild that immediately hired him as a spy due to his constant quest for knowledge.

Lonwyn will attack all who insult his race. He prides himself on his nimbleness. He is extremely unpredictable. No one trusts him, not even his closest friends from his guild. He enjoys showing off his talents and often does extremely risky deeds and will take on even teh most seemingly impossible missions he is offered. He understands that no one trusts him and he tries to make up for it by being friendly and light-hearted. Lonwyn can't stand foreigners or those that he cannot understand or who don't understand him.

Str. 11, Int. 13, Wis. 10, Dex. 16, Con. 10, Cha. 12, hp 6

Weapon Mastery: short blades
Skills: disguise, information gathering, observation, reading lips, alertness

33 coppers, 42 silvers, 41 platinum; belt, soft boots, breeches, gloves, dagger sheath, sword scabbard, tunic; small belt pouch, thieves picks (2), 10 days dry rations, flute, 4 loaded dice, ivory casket; leather armor

-Chris Flood, 1990