The Karameikos Campaign


The Characters

Pavic the 'Lost One'

Str. 13, Int. 13, Wis. 9, Dex. 16, Con. 14, Cha. 9, hp 19

Languages: Thyatian, Traladaran
Weapon Mastery: normal sword, crossbow (SK)
Skills: alertness (17), blindshooting (17), escape (16)

broken crossbow & 17 quarrels (50 cn), clothes & boots, silver bracelet and ring, leather armor (200 cn), sword (60 cn), black velvet cloak, gold earrings, backpack (20 cn, 114 cn space left), 50' rope (50 cn), tinderbox (5 cn), 3 flasks oil (30 cn), lantern (30 cn), thieves' tools (10 cn), 3 small sacks (9 cn), trinkets (25 cn), 57 royals, 150 gp at Hungry Halfling

Novice Mitra Gudmondottir

Str. 13, Int. 9, Wis. 17, Dex. 14, Con. 9, Cha. 12, hp 19

Weapon Mastery: mace (SK=Dmg. 2d4, -1AC from hand-held or thrown weapons), sling
Skills: Alertness (14), Gambling (17), Cheating (14), Mountain/Hills Stealth (14)

chain mail and shield (500 cn), spiked mace (30 cn), 2 belt pouch w/sling, 30 stones (28 cn), holy symbol (1 cn), dwarf bracelet (25 gp), backpack (20 cn, full), 4 torches (80 cn), 50' rope (50 cn), iron rations (70 cn), tinderbox (5 cn), 75 royals, 80 kronas, box with ivory dice, 8 large sacks (40 cn), 510 gp at Hungry Halfling, 189 gp in Penhaligon

Titius Korrigan

Str. 16, Int. 7, Wis. 8, Dex. 13, Con. 16, Cha. 10, hp 19

Languages: Neutral, Thyatian, Traladaran (not well though)
Weapon Mastery: sword, dagger, shortbow, hand-ax
Skills: Wrestling (16), Endurance (16), Escape (13)

plate mail and useless shield (600 cn), short bow & 20 arrows, 5 silver tipped (20 cn), jeweled sword +2 (30 cn), dagger (10 cn), gold engraved bracelet, ring with pearl, backpack (20 cn, 84 cn space left), oil, 2 flask (20 cn)
large sack (5 cn), 12 iron spike & small hammer (70 cn), grappling hook (80 cn), 50' rope (50 cn), lantern (30 cn), tinderbox (5 cn), 4 rubies (100 gp each), 28 sp, 1 torch (20 cn), 2 large sacks full of 890 in gold, 2 10' poles, watersking, the latter five at the Hungry Halfling

Geddy the Halfling

Str. 15, Int. 7, Wis 9, Dex 17, Con 11, Cha 13, hp 16

Weapon Mastery: dagger (SK)
Skills: Bartending (7), Cheating (17), Blind Shooting (17), Acrobatics (17)
Languages: Traladaran, Thyatian, Halfling

plate mail armor (500), Black Eagle sash, Short Sword (30), 5 Daggers (50), 1 gemmed dagger (10), common clothing, 3 silver dagger (30), bola (5), Backpack (20, 20 space left), 6 Iron Spikes (30), 12 Torches (120), 1 Oil Flasks (10), grappling hook (80), 3 vials holy water (3), 50' rope (50), potion of speed (10), 154 gp at Hungry Halfling, 189 gp in Penhaligon

and Borin Numbcracker

Str. 18, Int. 6, Wis. 11, Dex. 7, Con. 14, Cha. 7, hp 7

Languages: Dwarf (Stronghollow dialect), Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Thyatian
Weapon Mastery: warhammer, battle ax
Skills: Endurance (14), Caving (11), Wrestling (18)

broken warhammer (50 cn), battle ax (60 cn), plain clothes, boots, belt w/silver buckle, silver & gold bracelet (150 gp), plate mail armor and shield (600 cn), ring of invisibility, backpack (20cn, 40 cn space left), 12 torches (240 cn), tinderbox (10 cn), 12 spikes (60 cn), 50' rope (50 cn), gold neckchain, medallion, brooch, ring with amethyst, finger with iron ring, 889 gp at Hungry Halfling, 189 gp in Penhaligon


(starting with Session 3).

Session III

Felmont 6

The party returns from another foray in the orc caves. After Dmitri pays bail to escape his arrest, the party retires for free at the Hungry Halfling. Geddy updates Borim on the day's events: they went to the caves and after searching thoroughly and nearly being slaughtered by the disorganized attacks of dozens of orcs, they came upon a halfling chained up in a torture chamber. Mr. Flatfoot led the way to a secret passage that he says leads to the orc chieftain's lair. Dmitri had been sorely wounded, however, and the party returned home. While the party was in the caves, the tensions erupted between the Traladarans and the Thyatians: rioting Traladaran mobs overtook the city's garrison, shutting them in the local jail, and chased most of the Thyatians out of town. This made Borim's recruitment efforts quite difficult, though he did benefit by his day of rest and is now restored to complete health.

Felmont 7

The next morning, Dmitri heals most of his wounds after praying to the great Lord of Traladara. Ariana, whose life was saved by his noble actions the day before, goes with him to make a proposition to Fyodor, the new Traladaran ruler of Stallanford. Using her remarkable persuasive powers, she talks him into allowing Dmitri to clear his name by performing the sacred rites of the King's Festival.

While Dmitri prepares himself for the Festival, which is to be held as soon as possible, the rest of the party, including Borim, returns to the caves, led by Mr. Flatfoot, who is now clad in light leather armor and armed with a dagger to wreak vengeance upon the perpetrators of his torture. Everything is as the party left it the day before: the bodies scattered throughout the cavern complex have not been disturbed. After walking through the secret door Mr. Flatfoot revealed the day before the corridor turns to the east to leads up to a room with the door agape. It is already apparent that the room is devoid of life. As you enter the room, Mr. Flatfoot is sure that this is indeed the chieftain's chambers. The dead body of whom both halflings recognize as Aralic, the sacred priest of Stallanford. Searching the adjoining chambers reveals a pile of dead women and children orcs, but no chieftain. Apparently, the party's swath of destruction has scared him off.

The party returns to a Stallanford now bustling with excitement. Dmitri is apparently already prepared for the rites, and the King's Festival will ensue tomorrow!

We will pick up on Felmont 8 in our next session. What I need to know from you guys, as you discuss this over dinner on the 7th, is what you plan to do next. If you wish to send me something in private, do so, otherwise, please send your ideas to everyone on the list.

Session IV

Felmont 8

All the PCs utterly fail in all of their attempts to win contests during the festival, except Borim, who defeated Titius in wrestling. Geddy overhears a false rumor that Dmitri will be slaughtered before the day is out, and the party leaves town immediately.

Felmont 9

The next day is uneventful, except for a strange feeling of being watched. Dmitri circled back and guards the road while the party moves ahead. Finding nothing, he catches up to them later that night. They are suddenly attacked by Iron Ring slave traders and their orcish allies, who succeed in capturing Titius.

Felmont 10

The party arrives at the farmhouse, but do not take the hint to look for Titius in the hills immediately. Dmitri is prepared to accompany the '"farmer"' back to Penhaligon, but the rest of the party is suspicious and begin to try to break into the house. The two "'farmers'' escape with their ''grain'' and the PCs discover my improvisational collection of slaves and their guard in the cabin. They find the sheaf of papers they were supposed to find in the orc lair here. The map with directions seem to hit them over the head a little too much, but I did not know how else to steer them in the right direction. They head to Penhaligon and meet with Kaerin, who sends out his last reserves to bring the captives back to the city, and conducts a search for the Iron Ring 'farmers.'

Felmont 11

The PCs head north to find the farm in flames (another predictable occurrence apparently) and chase down the orcs who did it. One of them fearsomely relays the awesome might of his leader Gargomunhdrltr. The party approaches the caves and handily defeats all twenty orcs and their master within, rescuing Titius, Dwryll, and two other captives. They return to Penhaligon weary and unprepared for the mission they will be asked to partake in the next day ...

Session V

Felmont 12

The PCs meet with Kaerin, Dwryll, and Lady Penhaligon. They agree to help Dwryll find the Eye of Traldar and head out that day. They charge south along the Duke's Road, exchanging mounts twice in roadside villages. Toward sundown, they are approaching Kelvin, when they are slowed by a band of 'adventurers" who try to get the PCs to eat and ‘parly' with them. The PCs, after extensive delay, try to charge on, but their opponents have other ideas. After a swift fight that nearly slays Borim, the PCs defeat the evil Elf and the Thugs, but their leader escapes on horseback, warns Karmov and they both hurry into Kelvin. At the entrance gates, the PCs are arrested and taken to the dungeons for puportedly attacking 'innocents' outside the town.

Felmont 13

The PCs are freed upon awakening, as their accuser never showed up. Pavic and Dmitri try to find underground information on Karmov or the Iron Ring but find only vague leads. The rest of the crew asks around town and find out only that the Iron Ring is rumored to use great magics in their endeavors.

Felmont 14

Pavic and Dmitri find out from a group of thieves that Melinn, an Iron Ring consort, frequents the Devil's Tail Tavern in the seedy part of town. Titius and Borim fruitlessly try to glean information from Nevin about Karmov, and only end up pissing him off. Dwryll and Geddy are unable to find out where the town rulership resides. That night, they discuss plans for the next day.

Felmont 15

Karmov leaves town in his original disguise. Meanwhile, the party, except for Pavic and Titius, buy long cloaks and gather in the Devil's Tail. The other two find out nothing new during the day, but Geddy overhears a rumor that the Iron Ring has been using a magical teleportation device to journey across Karameikos. Melinn is nowhere to be found that evening, even after a rough interaction with the Orc owner of the Devil's Tail. Geddy, however, persuades one lowlife to proffer information about Karmov for some money: he tells them that Karmov left that morning, heading south for the magical transport location.

Session VI

Felmont 16

The PCs rise early and head south. They ask around the first town they stop in to get fresh mounts but find no information about Karmov or the Iron Ring. The farmer they meet a couple hours later, however, tells them of seeing some mysterious figures leaving the road some ways south. The party dismounting and traveling cautiously, Dwryll finds tracks leading off the road a couple hours later and they follow a subtle trail into the woods. Seeing Karmov about to descend the well in ancient ruins, the party assaults his guards, and, after a dangerous fight that nearly kills Dwryll, the party attempts to descend the well. Half of them slip to their doom, and, not seeing them in the pool, Dwryll and Dmitri dive in after them. Half of them lose their equipment to the depths and cannot retrieve it even after a complex attempt to find it. Carefully making their way across the pool and encountering more trepidation in climbing out of the cavern, the party finally makes it to sunlight.

Felmont 17

The party heads out following the scarce trail that Dwryll has found, only after foraging for a day's food. They also happen upon a bear which they slay for meat. Finally coming to a road, Geddy climbs a tree and sees Luln in the distance. They travel in this direction as a storm sets in and are ferociously attacked by a pair of dire wolves. They come to Luln tired and weary, but Milton greets them in a friendly manner and directs them to the Growling Griffon. Here they rescue Sonya from a gang of rapists, and Pavic is rewarded with mediocre sex that night.

Felmont 18

The party splits up to buy armor, weapons, and supplies. Dmitri visits the Church of Traladara and is healed by an amenable priest. While distributing their new gear in the Brave Man's Inn, the party is brutally assaulted by members of the Iron Ring. Titius strangely flees out the window while Geddy cowers in the corner and Dmitri stands on top of a bed. Even Borim flees down the stairs for a round. The party miraculously defeats their foes and the innkeeper, tells the party that he will call for the town watch. The men they had met with Milton the night before arrive and take them to Petronius, who asks them why the Iron Ring is after them. The party refuses to tell him anything real until, by the stroke of divine providence, Dwryll says 'Perhaps you can tell us of the Eye of Traldar.' Petronius pales and reveals that the Eye has been taken to Fort Doom. He informs the party that it would be of great service if they went to retrieve the Eye, and he gives them hints on how to penetrate Fort Doom. Dmitri incessantly asks him if he would like to join them. That night, the party makes plans for their infiltration of Fort Doom. Petronius's men gather supplies for them.

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