Tylok, having been in Shadowdale training with a master swordsman, and Lywin, just returned from the Far North, meet in the Old Skull Inn. Lywin has been trying to get Tylok to help him in his quest to inform the surrounding area of a possible invasion from the North. He meets Lashan, an ancient silver-haired elf, who tells him of an ancient weapon the Drow may seek. Lywin convinces Tylok to accompany him to the Ruins of Myth Drannor to retrieve the Sword of the Dark Elves before the Drow do.

The seven day journey through the Dim Forest is relatively dangerous for the inexperienced adventurers, but they make it safely. The duo explores a mostly empty tower, where the sword was rumored to be located, but to no avail. About to give up, they discover a hidden door to an underground level where meet Fenstra, an anemic thief who has already stolen the sword. The party returns safely to Shadowdale.

"During their first day back in Shadowdale, after showing Fenstra about town, the old, blind elf comes to their door. He demands to see the sword." Not realizing the elf is really one of the Drow, Tylok hands the blade over and suddenly "the sword puts on a fantastic show, glowing and giving off powerful radiance, while the drow's make-up and fake wigs are melted and fried. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning destroys the elf right at the climax. All that is left is a pile of ashes and a sword. Elminister walks in. He explains that Cleavehear [the sword] was forged by the Drow, but stolen by Nuris Elfward thousands of years ago. The Drow did their best to retrieve this powerful weapon, not counting on his intervention."

This campaign continues with the "Zombies" module in REF5 Lords of Darkness from TSR, Inc.