Summary of Campaign

Told of a rumored Drow invasion, Tylok and Lywin travel from Shadowdale to Myth Drannor to retrieve the Sword of the Dark Elves for their elven informant. Exploring a tower and underground levels, they find the sword and Fenstra. Upon return of the sword to the elf, he seethes over with power and is destroyed by Elminister.

The trio then travelled to the Lonely Moor to return the sword to its owner. They meet a strange lady who had preserved the later owner. Performing a ritual, she brings the owner to life. Meanwhile, Zhentarim warriors attack her dwelling, but they are repelled by her undead minions.

The trio leaves and proceeds to return to Shadowdale. On the way, they stop in Meryl, whose tax collector has disappeared. Strange occurences in the cemetary cause the trio and several others, including Pandar, Utrecht, and another brave fighter to explore the underground ghoul tunnels. They slay the master ghast and his bodyguard, take their treasure and return to the surface.

A map found leads the six of them to a cave in the Sunset Mountains, where they find the tax collector's savings, stolen and protected by a small orc tribe. Here Pandar dies and Lywin and Tylok nearly die themselves. Returning to town, Pandar's warrior apprentice murders the town ruler, forcing the party to flee.

The party reaches Tilver's Gap. Lywin is told of his father's death in Hlondeth, but first the party tracks down a band of brigand orcs with the wily ranger Galdor. In defeating the orc tribe, the young fighter is slain.

The remainder of the party, including Galdor, travel to Hlondeth. Here they are told of a mad priest in desperate need of help. Looking for him, the party stumbles upon a large band of warriors. Together, they defeat the cleric's undead legions. Tylok led the main offensive, while Lywin led his party into the tower of the priest, where he was defeated and slain by his powerful spells. Upon victory, Tylok donned a Helm of Alignment Changing and was immediately killed by a fear-stricken Utrecht.

Utrecht fled in shame of his deed, but Fenstra and Galdor took the two corpses to Fenstra's home, Selgaunt in Sembia. They then travelled to Archendale, where they assisted in a victory over a ravaging dragon, earning a multitude of treasure, enough to pay for Tylok's and Lywin's return to life.