The World Beyond

The World Beyond is a planet from the Flood Brothers' alternate universe, where they escaped for many years before taking over the Chapel Hill High School Debate Team and the Timberlyne Movie Theater.

The two hemispheres of the World Beyond, like those of the brain, contrast mightily and offer explorers very different experiences. The Eastern Hemisphere is a Suessian wonderland, inhabited by loony villians like Hububba, bold yet simple-minded heroes like the Otwa, and fantastic talking beasts known as the Slazzies.

The Western Hemisphere, also known as the "Dark World", is a complete rip-off of Tolkien's Middle Earth during the War of the Ring, as are most all fantasy worlds conceved for role-playing games. An amalgam of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos (grafted from Mystara), the Forgetton Realms, and various other lands copyrighted by the Flood Brothers, the Dark World features men, elves,dwarves, dragons, dungeons, and hob--ahem, excuse me--halflings.

 Wandering the Forgotten Realms

  • Sword of the Dark Elves
  • The Zhentarim Keep (m)
  • The Curse of Meryl (m)
  • The Sunset Cave
  • The Brigands of Tilver's Gap (m)
  • The Siege of Hlondeth (m)
  • Dread Dead & Dragons of Archendale
  • The Slums of Hlondeth (u)
  • The Orsraun Mines (u)
  • Orcs of Tilver Tower (u)

The Dark World

  • The Invasion of Darkness
  • The Quest for the Powerstone
  • The Hunt for Byzasjo
  • Vengeance of the Ffoul Son

The Eye of Traldar

  • The King's Festival (m)
  • The Kidnap of Titius
  • The Search for the Eye
  • Infiltration of Fort Doom (m)

Unplayed Dungeon Campaign

  • Village of the Hutaaka
  • The Discovery of Lavv
  • Evil in the Wufwolde Hills
  • Wokan of Wufwolde

Stand-Alone Adventures

  • The Ruins of Olvia
  • The Emmerbec Conspiracy
  • The Pathfinders
  • Dark Sovil 1 and 2
  • The Dark Priest
  • The Artifact of Yuvens (u)
  • Woodhaven Isle (u)
  • Merlor in Desolation (u)
  • The Death Berd Talisman
  • The Leaping God Slayer


  • Malic (zip file)
  • Woodsman (zip file)
  • Tylok
  • Lonwyn
  • Lywin
  • Fenstra
  • Elminster
  • Utrecht
  • Llydra
  • Pandar
  • Galdor
  • Boric the Paladin
  • Feldor the Desert Ranger
  • Rathgar
  • Tylok III
  • Krimshaw
  • Arelor, Ruler of Pterflumn
  • Bysasjo, Peace Wizard of Grimshire
  • Galdor the Dwarf
  • Lieutenant Gnargak
  • Morag, Death Wizard of Grimshire
  • Wysella the Warrior-Mistress
  • Bondar of South Sea
  • Aucleud
  • Teslor
  • Jon Bludd II
  • Pavic the Lost One
  • Titius Korrigan
  • Geddy the Halfling
  • Borim Numbcracker
  • Dmitri


(m) This adventure was played from a module published by TSR, Inc.

(u) This adventure was never played.

History of the Dark World

All years measured from the establishment of the Anomegian Empire.

  • 649: In South Sea, Lonwyn uncovers the "Emmerbec Conspiracy", proclaimed a hero
  • 651: Lonwyn elected as mayor of South Sea
  • 653: Adventurers, including the grandfather of Tylok I, plunder the Ruins of Olvia
  • 654: Birth of Lywin, son of Lonwyn the Mayor of South Sea and Sylesis the Elf
  • 660: Anomegian armies reclaim Olvia
  • 667: Explorers based in Olvia cross Sunset Mountains, found Meryl
  • 674: First band of explorers fails to find a safe trade route along the northern edge of the Sunset Mountains that avoids the Goblins to the north and the Orcs to the south. Teslor is the only one to return alive.
  • 681: A second group of explorers makes it from Meryl to Tilver's Gap
  • 682: Tylok, son of Teslor, is born in Olvia, becoming a haven for wealthy retired merchants
  • 702: Lywin leaves South Sea to visit the home of his Elven ancestors in the Far North
  • 703: Lywin reaches Shadowdale and meets Elminister, who tells him of his ancestors to the North
  • 704: Tylok joins one of the first trade caravans to travel the route north of the Sunset Mountains; after reaching Tliver's Gap, he journeys to Shadowdale to meet and be trained by a legendary swordsman
  • 705: Lywin finds the homeland of his mother and decides to remain there.
  • 708: An ailing Lonwyn leaves South Sea to his assistants and moves south to Hlondeth
  • 709: Lywin hears rumors of an invasion the "Drow", a race of Dark Elves, and returns to Shadowdale to warn Elminister
  • 710: Elminister brings Lywin and Tylok together to find the Sword of the Dark Elves at Myth Drannor and return it to the Zhentarem Keep
  • 711: After rescuing Meryl from a mysterious plague and orc marauders, Lywin, Tylok, and their newfound party travel the Northern Pass again.
  • 712: At Tilver's Gap, Lywin hears of his father's death and the party moves on immediately to Hlondeth; the party defeats a mad priest's assault on Hlondeth, but Lywin and Tylok are slain in the process.
  • 713: Tylok II, son of the late Tylok and Merilla the barmaid, is born. Fenstra reluctantly agrees to raise the child on the wealth of the late Lonwyn.
  • 718: The first rumors skirmishes with "Dark Warriors" in the Far North reach Hlondeth.
  • 720s: Rumors of an "invasion" continue, but are never confirmed and dwindle towards the end of the decade; nobody goes North anymore
  • 730: Tylok II moves to South Sea to join a group of mercenaries hired to defend the city from marauding orcs
  • 732: Tylok II given his own brigade and begins his legendary campaigns in the Ffoul Mountains
  • 734: Tylok III born; rumors of "Dark Ones" appearing in the Northern Villages and as close as Sovil
  • 748: Dark Invaders take Terramare. Aucleud retrieves the Gauntlet of Power from Bradbury.
  • 749: Reports of an "invasion" of the Northern Villages; Tylok II, now a well-respected mercenary-general ignores the isolationism practiced by the southern city-states and takes a small army north across the Steppes of Arachine.
  • 752: Having held off the mysteriously unagressive yet unyielding "Dark Invaders" from taking Bradbury, Tylok II sends his son and Krimshaw south to Canton